• Unique one-off piece – Collectable – Beaded Artwork
  • Hand Made by Monkeybiz  Charity  in South Africa see www.monkeybiz.co.za
  • Size:  approx 18 cms  x 16 cms

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About Monkeybiz art

Taking the love and knowledge that is passed down, over the centuries, from mother to child and becoming a bridge from traditional bead works into contemporary artworks. On the reverse of every tag the artists sign their names Monkeybiz is a Cape Town based Non-Profit Organization empowering women in townships to become breadwinners and community leaders by providing the skills and tools to create beaded art that is sold Globally through the Monkeybiz platform.

Traditionally beads through the ages were used not only to adorn the body, but as a measure of value in ritual and economic exchange between locals and foreigners. In traditional African rituals, a fine bead necklace or beaded piece is treasured because it is thought to impart spiritual energy.

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