Care & Repair

Metal Sculpture Care

The Metal Sculpture is made from Recycled Metal and has been coated in a clear varnish to give a shine and for protection-(If kept outdoors) To maintain the finish and to stop natural oxidisation it is recommended to put on a coating of clear Yacht Varnish / Spray Varnish -(best before winter). A top up of varnish /WD40 /clear lacquer (aerosol) can then be applied as and when needed (Personal preference).

Care if the Sculpture has been left outside and is rusted
Allow the sculpture to dry off fully. Rub off/remove any bits of rust (rust remover can be used). Apply Yacht Varnish – (or similar). Maintain as above.

Stone Sculpture Care

For general polishing and dust removal use a soft cloth and take care not to scratch if rings or jewellery are worn.To polish, use a good quality clear bees wax polish. Apply the wax. Allow to dry and buff with a soft cloth.

Scratches or Knocks
A very fine grade sandpaper (600) is required to gently sand the area to remove the scratch or knock. Heat the area gently using a gas gun or hair drier or if the piece is not too heavy over a gas grill. Apply a clear bee’s wax to the area that has been heated as the stone will absorb the polish.Allow the stone to cool and polish with a soft cloth. This may be required for a number of times to build up a layer of polish to match the rest of the stone similar to French polishing.