About Rockart

The traditional Arts of Africa

The phrase “African Art” conjures up for most Westerners images of Tribal masks and ancient wooden effigy figures. Such a perception is inaccurate and incomplete. The traditional Arts of Africa were a significant influence on the development of and direction taken by Twentieth Century Western Art.

“Rock Art” started their appreciation of African Art whilst living in Zambia, and the importing of carvings was proposed. With long trips to Zimbabwe, ensuring the right people reaped the gains and sourcing unusual unique pieces of Art.

About Rockart

Sculptures are selected personally

The sculptures are called “Shona” sculptures because of the name of the tribe in Zimbabwe that has traditionally created these works of art. Stone carving has been part of the Zimbabwean culture since 1200 AD when Great Zimbabwe, an archaeological masterpiece was built. These ancient sculpting traditions have produced a modern art movement of dignified, exquisite works. Reminiscent of Picasso and Henry Moore, these extraordinary, intense works speak to all humanity.

The process of making a stone sculpture from start to finish.